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The High Meadow Howlers

We are a Massachusetts bluegrass band that aims to bring the stirring traditions and sounds of bluegrass to local audiences around the North Shore and beyond. We are not strictly an imitation band, such as the Earls of Leicester, which does a phenomenal job recreating classic performances by Flatt and Scruggs for the benefit of present day audiences (check them out). Rather, our goal as a band is to emulate the spirit of the founding innovators of bluegrass. We try to represent traditional style bluegrass music, while often throwing our own twist to our covers of songs both prolific and obscure. We also compose original songs and tunes to continue building the genre outward. Bluegrass has always been an interdependent merging of tradition, and invention. The founding bluegrass band, Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys, were, at the time, performing a radically new type of music, although with clear elements of ancient musical influences. Soon, the introduction of Earl Scruggs, with his spectacular new banjo style, dazzled audiences who had never heard anything like it. Bluegrass history is steeped in artists who pushed the creative limits and introduced new musical ideas to their audiences, while showing great respect for the traditions. Founding “Newgrass” bands, such as New Grass Revival, and J.D. Crowe & the New South, are great examples of bands that pushed the boundaries of the original model of bluegrass to reach new possibilities, while proving their mastery of traditional techniques. The time-honored vocal styles and root musical qualities of bluegrass are a legacy that must be continued. We strive to share our love of this inspiring genre with our audiences.

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